Patient Stories

Dr. Malaekeh

I believe I must be one of the earliest founding patients of what has, over many years (forty plus) evolved into the West Los Angeles Dental Center. I was a patient of Doctor Goldstein, then Dr. Rosenblum, then Dr. Sameni and now, as I get ever older, my dentist becomes ever younger, and the most recent work I’ve just had done, with total satisfaction and gratitude, was by Dr. Weiner. From the time one makes an appointment, it is clear that you are in a caring office and that every member of the staff is in on this secret. It is so easy to take this for granted, for it is an atmosphere that we all cherish, but I know, from the many medical offices I have frequented, that this is an unusual environment. If you make this practice your choice, you will have no regrets. (OR the sentence could say: If you make this practice your choice, you will receive the highest level of professional care and you will have no regrets for the choice that you have made.