Patient Stories

Dr. Malaekeh

My name is Shayna Gianelli, and I am a Producer/Actor/Dancer. Since I work in the entertainment industry, the appearance of my teeth is of the utmost importance. I met Dr. Rosenblum and Dr. Sameni through a student in the USC dental program because I was in desperate need of proper care. I have now been coming to West L.A. Dental for the past two years and receive nothing but the finest and most thoughtful attention. Almost all of my prior dental work had been done unsuitably to the severe detriment of my oral health, which I can now say has been fully corrected by Dr. Sameni. Specifically, I had a crown restored that was terribly decayed and already had two root canals. This was the third time a crown had been placed on the tooth, and was the only time it had been finished appropriately. In addition, I have had a deep filling and three porcelain inlays that all make my teeth look completely natural. Having these necessary repairs has saved me from getting four more root canals. Dr. Sameni spends so much time on each restoration, in minute detail, and documents the process with extensive amounts of photos. The entire staff is exceptionally pleasant to be around and I am always happy to see their smiling faces. I would highly recommend anyone I know to the wonderful doctors here, and am honored to have the pleasure of being a patient.