Patient Stories

Dr. Malaekeh

I am a vegan, Buddhist, salsa dancing venture capitalist that cares about the environment and the world we live in. I have been a patient at Wla Dental Center for now more than 10 years and my experience have been so different with them than my previous dentists. Abdi has been much more thorough and he is most certainly a perfectionist. The work is superlative and second to none. I have referred a number of my family and friends because the work, the service and the staff is absolutely first rate.

Several years ago when I came to Abdi, I was having TMJ pain from grinding. The grinding and my bite problems had led to severe wear of my front teeth and my smile had become a sensitive issue for me back then. After Abdi examined me, he took the time to really educate me; he made me understand that I needed a comprehensive approach to take care of my mouth. He made me understand why I needed to see different specialists and he referred me to the best ones and made sure they knew what was asked of them. He made me learn in a way that, there was the right way versus the fast way.

I decided to follow Abdi's advice and have my front teeth completely re-done. My teeth simply did not look good and my mouth was not comfortable. This was a long process that included getting braces - so lots of patience- but it was done with the utmost professionalism. It is now about 5 years that I have had my new smile and it has been absolutely wonderful. It has changed my life. I can smile and be proud of it. All I do these days is go for cleanings and check ups. I am so grateful...