Patient Stories

Dr. Malaekeh

My name is Cima and I am a pediatric dentist. Many many years ago I had orthodontic treatment to correct a mal-occlusion. After treatment I still had inter-dental spacing in my maxillary anterior teeth. My pediatric dentist at the time corrected the problem with inter-dental composite bonding. Fourteen years later through natural wear, tear and staining my bonding was in dire need of replacement.

I was introduced to Dr. Sameni and West LA Dental while I was in my residency program. I was in the market for a dentist that specialized in esthetic dentistry with a conservative approach. Both a co-resident of mine as well as my childhood orthodontist referred me to Dr. Sameni.

Prior to meeting Dr. Sameni I had consults with other dentist whom all thought that I would achieve esthetic results only through veneers. I had my hesitations! After meeting Dr. Sameni’s and listening to his treatment plan and the reason behind it, I was finally at ease. I would be able to have the esthetics I was looking for through composite bonding and bleaching. How refreshing to finally find a dentist that took the time to listen to what I wanted and I am 1000% happy with the results!!!

I would describe Dr. Sameni as one of the most attentive, patient, humorous, thorough, meticulous, perfectionist, conservative and ethical dentists I have had the pleasure to know. He and his staff are professional, kind and accommodating 100% of the time. Now when I am asked if I know of any good dentists – Dr. Sameni is the only name that comes to my mind. Thank you for giving me a reason to smile big even though my eyes are shut while doing it!!!!!!!!